JDN 1-16, Command Red Team, 16 May 2016 New!
This joint doctrine note (JDN) provides guidance for the employment of a command red team on joint planning, analysis, and decision making, and on how to optimize the integration of red teams into joint functions and operations.

JP 1-0, Joint Personnel Support, 31 May 2016 New!
This publication is the keystone document of the personnel series. It provides doctrine to plan, coordinate, provide, and assess manpower and personnel support to joint operations.

Joint Force Quarterly, Issue 81, April 2016 New!
JFQ is the Chairman's flagship joint military and security studies journal designed to inform members of the U.S. Armed Forces, allies, and other partners on joint and integrated operations; national security policy and strategy; efforts to combat terrorism; homeland security; and developments in training and joint professional military education to transform America's military and security apparatus to meet tomorrow's challenges better while protecting freedom today.

Insights and Best Practices, Communication Strategy and Synchronization, May 2016 New!
This paper shares insights and best practices to leverage the information environment in support of mission accomplishment. The paper includes numerous senior flag officer insights from across the force.

Insights and Best Practices, Integration of Lethal and Nonlethal Actions, May 2016 New!
This paper shares challenges, options, insights, and best practices for integrating lethal and nonlethal actions as introduced in Joint Publication 3-0 (Joint Operations) and Joint Publication 3-09 (Joint Fire Support). Design, planning, and targeting constitute overarching integrating processes used to support decision making in headquarters and are well suited to form the basis for integrating lethal and nonlethal actions.

JP 3-09.3, DOCNET Course, May 2016
This course presents an overview of close air support (CAS); key steps, roles, and responsibilities related to planning and executing of CAS; various coordination measures used in planning and conduct of CAS.